‘Dancing With the Stars 13’ speculation continues: More men enter the mix

Dancing With the Stars 13 will be premiering in just a few weeks, and the casting rumors are in overdrive. Scottsdale fans will be tuning in to Bachelor Pad Monday night to see the cast officially announced, but they are scouring the Internet for scoop in the meantime. The celebrities and dance pros are meeting with one another over the next few days, so the gaps in the casting will be filled in pretty quickly. While the dance pros and female celebrities seem to be mostly flushed out, the male celebrities have been a bit of a black hole. Which celebrity names are coming out of the woodwork as supposed cast members?

Thursday, Entertainment Tonight shared that Ryan O’Neil was supposedly joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars. Now on Friday, the site Pure DWTS is finding other names entering the mix. Apparently a couple of radio DJs are sharing that Henry Winkler, “The Fonz,” is about to sign on, though he has said in the past there is no way he would be doing the show. Has he changed his tune? If we had to guess, we’d say that neither O’Neil or Winkler are very likely candidates.


One name that does feel like it has some great potential is David Arquette. TMZ is the first to report this one on Friday. While TMZ seems to have been off its game with Dancing With the Stars casting this year compared to seasons past, they have posted a picture that shows Arquette entering the rehearsal studio. Their sources say David is meeting up with Kym Johnson there. We’re going to call this one legit – Arquette is the perfect type of candidate to want to do the show, as he can use some image rehab and isn’t particularly busy right now. Pairing him with Kym Johnson seems a logical match, so while we won’t know for sure until Monday, this one seems possible if not probable.

Courtney at Pure DWTS shares that four of the dance pros are meeting their celebrity partners on Friday: Kym Johnson, Tristan MacManus, Mark Ballas and Karina Smirnoff. It sounds like the others will be meeting up between now and Monday. It will be a busy weekend of Dancing With the Stars scuttlebutt, so stay tuned. Apparently Tristan has to fly to Atlanta to meet his celebrity – any theories on who is based in Atlanta that wouldn’t be able to get away right now? One of the Real Housewives? Also, commenter Zach on Pure DWTS noted that Karina is in Toronto for 24 hours – meeting her partner perhaps?

Let the speculation continue! The cast of Dancing With the Stars will be announced Monday, August 29 during Bachelor Pad. Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars premieres Monday, September 19 on ABC, Channel 15 in the Scottsdale area.

Source: PureDWTS

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