‘Scottsdale Republic’ offering more of what you want

If I had to pick one word to sum up what it was like when I was a young reporter covering Scottsdale City Hall in the late 1980s, it would be “change.”

At that time, it was obvious that Scottsdale was changing rapidly and it didn’t always sit well with people. The laid-back-but-upscale tourist enclave that clung tightly to its image as the “West’s Most Western Town” was confronting the pressures that come with a pace of growth that few other places in the nation were seeing.

The pressure was on to find a way to prevent unchecked growth and development from taking over the McDowell Mountains and open desert to the north. The Parada del Sol no longer was the city’s signature event — that was taken over by what was then still called the Phoenix Open. Plans were finally resolved to put a new freeway just east of the city on the Salt River Reservation, but south Scottsdale residents were left with a bitter taste over the way things were handled. The downtown shops were being challenged by a major remodeling and expansion of Scottsdale Fashion Square and a new Galleria shopping center (that later fizzled). And the city’s politics were changing, as a slate of newcomers to the City Council were challenging the status quo.

It was obvious that this change was sending ripples through the city — and, as a newspaper reporter, I couldn’t ask for more. As more was happening, readers were eager for more information.

Fast forward to today, and, as different as the city has become, that word, “change,” still applies. So does the fact that readers expect more.

And to that end, we’re listening to you.

You want stories about how your City Hall is spending taxpayer money and how your schools are teaching children.

You want to know about growth and development in your community and the safety of your neighborhoods.

You want to know about the good things in your community.

And you want to have fun, whether it’s going to a local event, discovering a new place to eat or testing your brain on a puzzle.

A few weeks ago, we invited you to take a reader survey. We wanted to know what you want most from your Scottsdale Republic. We heard plenty. You told us you are fervent readers of your community Republic.

Thank you. We would like to show our appreciation. Starting Wednesday, your Scottsdale Republic has a new, more engaging look.

Even better, we have made more improvements to further entice you:

• Local police and fire officials will answer your questions in our new column, Ask a Cop or Ask a Firefighter, every Wednesday.

• Look for Scottsdale history columns by Paul Messinger on Fridays.

• Our Community Living section on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays offers good news submitted by readers and organizations on events, people and places. Send submissions to me (e-mail address below) for publication consideration.

• Letters to the editor and My Turns go from a will-they or won’t-they publishing cycle to a regular appearance every Saturday (and possibly other days if the volume of contributions allows). We’ve been fortunate in Scottsdale, where column submissions from readers have been plentiful.

• Dining news coverage every Saturday.

• Puzzle lovers get a new brain teaser, KenKen, and all of the puzzles and comics move to one page. In response to your requests, we moved the answers to another page.

• Old favorites, such as local health experts, restaurant inspections, crime calls and top home sales will still be here for you.

For even more, you can also visit your Community website at scottsdale.azcentral.com throughout the day.

We are happy to deliver more of what you asked for. We’ll keep working on it. Please let us know what you think.

Chris Coppola is editor of the Scottsdale Republic. E-mail: chris.coppola@arizonarepublic.com.

Article source: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/scottsdale/2014/06/10/scottsdale-republic-offering-more/10278897/