Brewer endorses Scott Smith at event on Thursday

MESA, Ariz. –
“This is what we need in our next Governor, and that is why I am endorsing Mayor Scott Smith in the Republican primary,” said Governor Jan Brewer.

And with that the Governor re-ignited Scott Smith’s campaign. The former Mesa Mayor says his campaign has brought in about $50,000 in donations during the past 24 hrs.

“It sends a message; it sends a message that we are here to win, we have always had a message that resonates; we have not changed that message. This just gives it a bump,” said Scott Smith.

The top candidates in the Republican primary have all vied for the Governor’s coveted endorsement. Her decision comes after moderate Republicans and allies of Smith, who’ve supported her agenda in the past pushed her to get involved in the race.

“He absolutely has been through the battlefields, and he has got the most experience, and he has got a successful career, and he’s a business person. He believes that government is there for a reason, and it functions for the people of the state that you are representing, and he can make tough decisions. That is what it takes,” said Brewer.

Smith’s campaign got off to a late start. In most polls, he fell behind State Treasurer Doug Ducey and businesswoman Christine Jones.

With many early ballots already mailed out, the former Mayor does not feel the endorsement is too late.

“I think those people who voted early were decided, and they were either coming my way or they weren’t. There are still a large number of undecided votes. I think this election is going to come down to election day, and it has not been decided,” said Smith.

The Ducey campaign is quick to point out that the State Treasurer has broad coalition support including Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sen. Jon Kyl, and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

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