Scottsdale clinic guarantees one-visit lice treatment

It’s the scourge of the school year, and it can hit unsuspecting heads at any time: lice.

“I think for parents, it’s just one of those things, like ‘Oh my gosh, we have lice. What are we going to do? We can’t tell anybody because people are going to think we’re gross or it’s going to be like this social suicide,'” said Farrell Hogenauer, general manager of Lice Knowing You, a salon franchise which specializes in getting rid of lice and has a location in Scottsdale.

Customer Kelley McLaughlin first noticed them on her 11-year-old daughter while they were driving. She tried running to the store for over-the-counter removal treatments, but couldn’t get all of the itchy little critters out.

“I was out combing her hair for over an hour and she was crying,” McLaughlin said. “It hurt and I was stressed out.”

That’s when they came to north Scottsdale’s Lice Knowing You clinic, where in one treatment, they guarantee you’ll be lice and nit free.

“What we do is spray our enzyme in your hair, wait a few minutes, go in, put our oil-based formula on the hair,” said Hogenauer, explaining the procedure. “We section it off and we comb and we comb until we get it out.”

Hogenauer said the formulas used at the clinic are all natural, organic and pesticide free “so you can feel good about bringing your children into our clinic.”

Treatments typically take an hour to an hour and a half, based on how long the hair is and how bad the lice are. And once you leave, you can either wash your hair right away let them style it at the clinic, hopefully taking the embarrassment out of the entire experience.

The service comes with a 30-day guarantee for the treated person, subject to certain guidelines, according to

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