Tori Spelling Sits Down With Dean McDermott’s Ex-Wife

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Tori Spelling Sits Down With Dean McDermott’s Ex-Wife

October 13, 2014 05:49 AM by Megan Thompson



Tori Spelling got a lot of slack for filming True Tori, a reality show that revealed her crumbling relationship with her cheating husband – Dean McDermott.  But fans were so horrified fascinated by the show, ratings were high enough that another season is set to air October 21st.  Watch the video below where Tori Spelling meets with Dean McDermott’s ex-wife!

Can you say awkward?  Imagine meeting with your husband’s ex-wife; the woman he left behind when he cheated on her with you!  That’s exactly what Tori Spelling did when she met up with Mary Jo Eustace.  Mary Jo Eustace was married to Dean McDermott before Tori Spelling was and they share a child together.  Her world was turned upside down when Dean cheated on her with the famous Tori Spelling.

So what could Mary Jo possibly have to say to Tori?  Maybe “I told you so!” Or “karma is a real bitch.”  Nope, Mary Jo Eustace is one classy lady who probably feels lucky she and Dean are no longer together.  She does call Dean a “knob” but otherwise you can tell she feels sorry for what Tori is going through.  She is emphatic, not vindictive, when she explains to Tori, “It’s actually really horrible.”

Take a look at the video of the two women talking about Dean:

This show seems to be like a train wreck, you know it’s wrong but you just have to watch it.  Facebook and Twitter are abuzz with comments about this controversial show.  What do you think about Tori and Dean’s relationship?  Is it doomed or can these two find love again? Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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Photo and Video Credit: Lifetime/ IdolxMuzic

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