Escort, 2 men arrested in 2012 Scottsdale armed robbery

Scottsdale police tracked down three people who investigators believe were involved in a 2012 armed robbery that took place after a man allowed a woman who was working as an escort into his home near 96th Street and Shea Boulevard, according to court records.

Police began making a series of arrests in April when Henry McLeod, 29, waked into a Phoenix police station and confessed to the crime, which led investigators to arrest Kassandra Pennington, 31, in May and finally Jonathan Trevino, 24, on Monday, according to court records.

Investigators said the armed robbery took place in April 2012 when Pennington went to a Scottsdale home for a pre-arranged meeting with a client who was interested in either paying for methamphetamine or her services as an escort, according to court records.

Pennington was at the house for about 15 minutes before the victim walked into his bedroom and was ambushed by two men who were hiding in the shadows, police said.

McLeod and Trevino physically assaulted the victim, tied him up with speaker wire and took turns holding him at gunpoint in the bathroom while they ransacked the house, according to court records.

Investigators said the thieves took a flat screen TV, a computer, credit and debit cards, among other items while Pennington waited outside and kept the car running.

Police believe the trio planned the heist while they were eating at a nearby Denny’s and that Pennington dropped McLeod and Trevino off near the home before she knocked on the front door.

The plan, police said, was to distract the victim long enough for McLeod and Trevino to sneak through an unsecured sliding door.

Pennington was arrested in May, about six weeks after McLeod confessed to police, and Trevino was arrested on Monday, according to court records.

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