Scottsdale bucking bull trainer Jo Black recruiting women into the exciting sport – (KNXV

SCOTTSDALE – Scottsdale bull trainer Jo Black became hooked on the bucking bull industry after seeing it in action.

She bought her own bull, watched him do his thing, and at that moment, her new, full-time occupation blossomed.

Black now raises and trains professional bucking bulls at Desert Orchid Ranch in Scottsdale. She purchases bulls from star bloodlines and raises them with bull-specific diet and training regimens.

She says the bulls are true athletes and were born to take part, which is why she’s helping them reach their full potential.

Getting into the sport- and having a chance at winning big money-was enough to get her hooked, but she’s hoping to get more women involved in the male-dominated sport.

Black is offering special opportunities for women looking to join in on the fun (and win up to $500,000 at the same time).

For more information, visit Black’s website or Bucking Bull Games online.

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