Scottsdale mayor could face challenger in 2016

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, who plans to run for re-election in 2016, could face a challenger in outgoing Scottsdale City Councilman Bob Littlefield.

Littlefield said he is considering a run for mayor in the city’s 2016 election cycle.

Littlefield, a councilman since 2002, terms out in January. Scottsdale’s charter limits council members and the mayor to three consecutive terms. He is allowed to run for the separate office of mayor.

“During my time on the council I fought the overdevelopment that the majority of the council is so eager to approve,” Littlefield said. “I fought it because this overdevelopment threatens Scottsdale’s special character, diminishes the quality of life of our residents and drains our city’s treasury.”

“The fact that two of the three candidates recently elected to the City Council (Kathy Littlefield and David Smith) successfully ran on platforms opposing this overdevelopment tells me more and more Scottsdale voters are becoming concerned about this issue,” he said. “That encourages me to consider running for mayor in 2016.”

Lane, who began his second mayoral term in 2013, told The Republic he intends to seek re-election to a third term.

“I’ve been able to accomplish all the things I’ve promised to do, for the very most part,” Lane said. “I look forward to it again.”

Bill Crawford, president of the Association to Preserve Downtown Scottsdale’s Quality of Life, and a former Scottsdale council candidate, said he plans to seek the mayor’s office if Littlefield files to run.

“Bob’s behind the scene manipulation of Scottsdale politics for many years and his ties to POSA (the Police Officers of Scottsdale Association) will give me no choice but to run against him,” Crawford said.

On Jan. 6, a swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for incoming Council members Linda Milhaven, who will begin a second term, as well as newcomers David Smith and Kathy Littlefield, Bob Littlefield’s wife.

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