So You Want To Go To The Super Bowl? It’ll Cost You

Seahawks fans congratulations! Your team is going to the Super Bowl, but if you want to follow them you’d better be ready to spend some money. 

First, let’s talk game tickets. You might need these if you plan on going. But you better be prepared to spend more than $2000 a ticket, according to a search of the internets. 

Let’s talk flights. The fares have been climbing ever since the game ended on Sunday. If you’re looking for a round trip ticket from Spokane on January 31 to February 2, you’re going to spend about $740. Flights are expected to be added, so remember to shop around. Also, it’s a good idea to clear your cookies when checking multiple times. It’s a good idea to clear your cookies anyway. 

Ok, so now you’ve flown to Phoenix and you’re like, “Wow! This is much warmer than Spokane! It’s a dry heat!” But now you need a place to stay. This can also get expensive. Hotels in the downtown area know you’re going to need a room, and they are going to capitalize on it. That whole supply and demand thing. 

Many hotels are already sold out, and prices at normally cheap motels have already tripled. If you’re looking to stay at a place like Super 8 Phoenix, you’re looking at about $340 a night. 

If you want to save some coin, consider staying in Tucson, which is about 125 miles away. But then you’re driving. But gas prices are pretty cheap. I don’t know. It’s a toss up. Perhaps this is the time to call up that cousin you haven’t seen in a while who lives in an RV in the desert and see if there’s extra room in the “snake tent.” 

If the “snake tent” doesn’t sound like your thing, or spending your weekend driving, you can search for lodging at, or check out, and for rentals. Just be prepared to spend some dough. 

The game itself is only about 4 hours. So what can you do in the days leading up to the game? 

Well, in downtown Phoenix, there will be 12 city blocks dedicated to nothing but Super Bowl entertainment called Super Bowl Central. This all begins on January 28, and will feature live concerts by The Roots (January 31), plus players making appearances for autographs. You can also ice skate, rock climb and enjoy many interactive exhibits. The best part? Most of the fun at Super Bowl Central is free! 

Oh, you like spending money? Well then nearby Super Bowl Central is something called the NFL Experience. It includes high-tech games, displays of memorabilia and a chance to actually check out the Vince Lombardi Trophy before it is hoisted once again over the head of Tom Bra… errr… Russell Wilson. That will only cost you $35. 

If you’re looking for a blast from the past, the Arizona Science Center will have 200 items on display from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Admission to that will run you about $8-16.95. 

In nearby Scottsdale, there is a free Fan Fest taking place, mostly in the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. On January 30, there will actually be an NFL Wives Fashion Show. Also if you’re in Scottsdale and are a “12th Man” then go check out The Skeptical Chymist. It’s the biggest Seahawks bar in Phoenix and they have indoor and outdoor seating where you can watch TV on multiple screens. The programming will most likely be sports related leading up to the game, so don’t go there expecting to be able to watch the latest Real Housewives of  wherever. 

But if you’re looking for the ultimate fan fest, head to Super Fan Festival alongside the University of Phoenix Stadium. It’s a three day festival with mechanical bulls, a zip line, appearances by Hall of Famers, and performances by Snoop Dogg, Imagine Dragons and Zac Brown Band. Entrance to this will cost you around $100. 

And if the game doesn’t interest you, there’s a movie theater nearby. 

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