Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Trump Refuses To Clean House(wives)

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Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Trump Refuses To Clean House(wives)

January 12, 2015 08:24 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

The Celebrity Apprentice

Against all odds, the housewives have managed to remain on Celebrity Apprentice. Could it finally be time for one of the show’s drama mamas to head home? Or will another likable contestant get the boot?

This week’s episode begins with the aftermath of Gilbert Gottfried’s elimination. The ladies are happy to see Geraldo Rivera back on the show, but Team Vortex? Not so much! The Facebook community, of course, is bummed about Gilbert’s elimination. The show won’t be quite as funny from here on out, but with Geraldo, Kate, Brandi and Kenya all still in the mix, there will be more than enough drama!

The new challenge for Team Infinity and Team Vortex is to create a four-page fitness editorial for Cosmopolitan. This project seems to favor the gals, but it’s never wise to underestimate Team Geraldo Vortex. The ladies find themselves disagreeing almost immediately about the topic of their piece. Jamie would like to explore a natural, earthy type of theme, but her fellow team members think that a sexy theme would be more appropriate. The guys pursue a similar approach, quickly agreeing on the motto “Love your selfie naked.”


Johnny Damon is this week’s project manager and he has all the makings of a great leader. He intends to hit up his wife for advice — she knows a thing or two about sexy selfies! Geraldo, never one to be left out of the loop, decides to take a new approach to his usual power grab…with a butt grab! Johnny’s response? “I hope that was your thumb.”

Photo shoot time arrives for Team Vortex and Johnny decides to maintain marital harmony by posing with his wife for a series of very seductive images. Johnny’s teammates agree that he and his wife are perfect for the shoot. Things aren’t quite as harmonious for Team Infinity; Kenya insists on demonstrating the exercises chosen for the Cosmo article, but Jamie, who is still angry about a perceived slight from the RHOA star, would rather have the seemingly less athletic Brandi take on the role of fitness model. Kenya, of course, is not pleased. She decides to make Brandi super uncomfortable by asking her to remove a few layers of clothing. Brandi eventually complies, but she also decides to amplify the request by stripping down to her underwear. Hey, it’s not the first time the world has seen Brandi Glanville wearing next to nothing!

Brandi is not the only featured model to pose with minimal clothing. Jamie and Shawn, the team’s resident Olympians, pose in nothing more than American flags! Their photo shoot, fortunately, is drama free. The same cannot be said of Ian Ziering’s shoot, which Geraldo thinks is cheesy. He pushes the actor out of the way and strips down to his skivvies. Yes, Geraldo is in great shape for a guy his age, but he will be appeal to Cosmo’s demographic? Probably not!


It’s presentation time! Fortunately, it looks like Geraldo’s selfie was minimized. Ian, on the other hand, managed to score a full-page spread. Team Infinity’s magazine spread looks lovely and offers excellent advice for creating a “touchable you,” but it’s not nearly as well-organized as the Team Vortex selfie feature.

The teams nervously assemble in the boardroom, where Trump grills Johnny about this week’s potential loser. Johnny says that Geraldo came up with the concept, so if his team loses, it’s his fault. The Donald then tries to stir up even more drama between Brandi and Kenya, but all Brandi is willing to say is “I think we won.” Kenya, meanwhile, wants the world to know that her booty is one hundred percent real, even if Brandi claims otherwise.

Ivanka provides plenty of feedback for Team Vortex. The editors at Cosmopolitan loved the selfie theme, but didn’t think that the article had enough substance. Team Infinity, however, is criticized for not having an organized spread. This costs the gals the win, which means one of them is about to go home. Chances are, it’ll be a housewife this week. Jamie thinks it should be, as she believes that their loss occurred due to Brandi and Kenya’s obsession with being featured in Cosmopolitan. Oddly enough, she chooses Kenya and Kate. It would’ve been smarter to bring Kenya and Brandi back, as this would have all but ensured the necessary firing of a housewife. She later realizes that she made a bad decision in letting Brandi go. This decision ultimately results in Jamie’s elimination. Celebrity Apprentice is not the place to be indecisive!

It’s time for a new challenge! The remaining contestants will be selling wedding dresses, with the proceeds going to charity. Team Infinity and Team Vortex are split up, with Ian Ziering and Geraldo Rivera serving as the project managers for their respective teams. Fans never got the Kevin versus Geraldo face-off that they wanted, but Ian has basically taken Kevin’s place…so the same dynamic is still present. Unfortunately for Ian, both of the housewives are on his team. This, combined with Gerald’s money-making power, could spell doom for the brand new Team Infinity.


As expected, Geraldo is able to bring in plenty of cash. Kate struggles in this regard, but she does manage to recruit two of today’s most significant celebrity hairstylists. Geraldo appears to appreciate this contribution, even if it can’t be measured in dollars. Ian has an even better contribution for his team: a group of Chippendales dancers! If nothing else, he’ll draw a crowd to his storefront.

Brandi is used to hardcore drama, so she should be able to handle the stress of Celebrity Apprentice. But instead of focusing on helping her team, she succumbs to a panic attack. The housewife heads home without notifying any of her teammates. Really, they should be grateful for her departure, as the incessant Brandi versus Kenya infighting is the main thing holding the team back.

The big bridal sale arrives and Brandi, in spite of her panic attack, manages to convince her celebrity pals to donate tens of thousands of dollars. This may not be enough, however, as Geraldo immediately snags $100,000 from pharmaceutical magnate and self-made billionaire Stewie Rahr. Ian, not ready to admit defeat, scores a shocking $165,000 donation. When he arrives in the boardroom, he seems convinced that his team has delivered a win. He just might be wrong, however, as Trump announces that the difference between the two teams’ earnings was less than $3,000.

This episode is full of twists and the Donald is once again ready to mix it up. He tells Geraldo and Ian that they can keep their respective earnings (both of which total around $300,000) regardless of the winner’s identity…or go for broke, leaving one victorious contestant with  nearly $600,000 for charity. Amazingly enough, they agree to split the money. This proves a wise decision for Ian, who, in spite of that impressive $165,000 check, lost the challenge. He is very diplomatic during his boardroom session, ultimately choosing to bring back the two lowest earners: Terrell and Johnny. This means that the Twitter community will be forced to endure at least one more week of housewives — too bad!

Ian did an excellent job of soliciting donations, so the elimination is basically down to Johnny versus Terrell — and Terrell earned less. Donald is full of compliments, but in the end, he delivers those oh-so-dreaded words: “Terrell, you’re fired.”

Do you think Jamie and Terrell deserved to be eliminated? Sound off in the comments section below!


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