Exclusive: Family of Scottsdale woman murdered speaks

In an exclusive interview with 12 News, the cousin and father of a Scottsdale woman found dead in her home say they can’t imagine what could have happened to her.

Police still haven’t said how 31-year old Allison Feldman was killed, but her dad, who gave us these new photos, said he was told it was a “random attack.”

The crime tape is still up and investigators continue to look for clues at the home where Feldman was found murdered on Feb. 18.

12 News talked with Allison’s cousin Jodi, who lives in the Valley. She asked us not to release her last name for safety reasons since police do not have any suspects nor have they made any arrests.

She describes this as a horrific crime and they want whoever did this off the street.

“It’s heart wrenching what has happened,” Jodi said.

She thought of Allison as one of her daughters and hearing that someone murdered her brings out more pain that words can describe.

“It was a scene out of a horror movie, the screaming and the crying and the devastation,” she said. “This has torn our family a part.”

Jodi said that everyone loved Allison and she was so much fun and had a bright future ahead of her.

She went to the University of Arizona and graduated with a degree in communications and Spanish in 2005.

“She wanted to get married one day. She wanted to have a family, but she loved, loved her new job, she was so successful at it,” said Jodi.

Her family in Minnesota also wants justice.

“I have a tremendous amount of anger that somebody would do this to my little girl,” said her father, Harley Feldman. “I want them caught, captured and punished.”

Allison’s mom talked to her Tuesday night for the last time. That same night, one of her dads texts didn’t go through.

On Wednesday they tried to call her but her phone was off, something her dad said never happened.

“Everything is now cut off and so we don’t understand it,” Feldman said. “It seems like a senseless crime in a nice neighborhood in Scottsdale.”

Allison’s cousin said she’s been with her boyfriend, Alex, for several months but she doesn’t think he’d ever do anything to hurt her.

“He didn’t give me any feeling of he had a dark side whatsoever,” she said. “It will never be the same here. She was my only relative that lived in Arizona.”

She said she’s going to miss going shopping with Allison, going to Mexico and helping her decorate her house.

“There’s a lot of unfinished business,” Jodi said.

Police say the investigation could go on for a few more days.

Allison’s family is planning a memorial service for her in Scottsdale.

Article source: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/12-news/2015/02/21/12news-scottsdale-murder-family-speaks/23787219/