10 Underrated Cars of Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2015

bj-underrated-8.jpgBarrett-JacksonA 2012 Perana Z One Coupe by Zagato.There are certain types of cars that get all the attention at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction — classic muscle cars, one-off customs, and old factory prototypes.

We scoured the action listings for vehicles that might fly under the radar, from cheap classics, to rare race cars, to anything else that’s not an old Corvette. Below, find our picks for the 10 most underrated cars of Barrett-Jackson 2015.

10.) 2000 Lotus Esprit Twin Turbobj-underrated-10.jpgBarrett-Jackson
Lotus. V8. Twin turbo. Less than 35,000 miles. What more do you need to know? Well, if you watched the recent Top Gear Patagonia Special, you’d know that this car apparently has off-road and towing capabilities as well.

9.) 2000 Holden Race Carbj-underrated-9.JPGBarrett-Jackson
Unfortunately, it was announced about a year ago that Aussie carmaker Holden is
going the way of the dinosaurs in a couple of years. As Holden’s a GM property, this car actually started out as a Chevy Monte Carlo, and was designed to be raced in Australia. According to Barrett-Jackson, the car never made it to Australia, but did compete in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, winning its class in 2000.

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