Leaked info could hurt Scottsdale murder investigation

Graphic new details about how Allison Feldman of Scottsdale was brutally murdered in her home have been released.

But Scottsdale police didn’t want anyone to know about them just yet.

Scottsdale police say another local media outlet somehow obtained this paperwork.

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It was never supposed to be public, but since it’s already public and available online, we are sharing with you only the details a lot of people have already seen.

The documents reveal Feldman’s boyfriend Alex found her naked with a cloth wrapped around her head last week.

The paperwork also shows there was a lot of blood. Feldman had serious head trauma and responders smelled a bleach-like odor around the body.

The documents also show Scottsdale police wanted a warrant to watch someone who had contact with Feldman in the past, but no suspect is listed.

“It can compromise the case,” said Clayton Kidd with the School of Criminology at Arizona State University.

Kidd said it is important detectives keep all the facts as confidential as possible.

“Because sooner or later you’re going to sit down and want to interview somebody about the case,” he said.

Scottsdale police say someone left the search warrant unsealed by mistake.

They realized the mistake a few hours later, but the information was already out.

Kidd said if investigators don’t have any suspects, this only makes matters worse.

“If you’re limited on your suspect info and then that information gets out, it does make it hard to develop good solid investigative leads toward eventually identifying a suspect,” Kidd said.

Scottsdale police has since re-sealed the documents.

The department asked us not to report any of the information at all, but we have decided to share with you only the details many people have already seen in the past 24 hours.

Article source: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/12-news/2015/02/27/12news-scottsdale-murder-crime-scene-documents/24163147/