Scottsdale police say murder victim was targeted

It’s been nearly a month since Allison Feldman was found naked, with a cloth wrapped around her head.

Scottsdale police haven’t said much about the investigation and neighbors are unsettled, not knowing if a killer is on the prowl.

On Friday, police began to open up a bit more on the case, revealing that Feldman was targeted.

“We believe this to be an isolated case,” said Sgt. Ben Hoster with the Scottsdale Police Department. “We believe that Allison knew her attacker, that she was targeted.”

While there is still some fear, the information is reassuring for people who live in the neighborhood near Pima and Thomas roads where Feldman was murdered.

“We don’t believe that there is a person on the loose that is hitting every third home,” Hoster said.

The department doesn’t want people living near Feldman’s home to be afraid, he added.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” said neighbor Bob Miller.

Neighbors have been on guard for nearly a month. Feldman’s home is now vacant, other than bouquets of flowers drying up on the door step.

“Now, I have my weapons loaded and in different locations for easy access,” Miller said.

He said he’s seen a heightened police presence in the neighborhood.

“Walking the neighborhood, they have been talking to people.”

Lisa Gefroh, who lives in the area, also has Feldman on her mind.

“We take our dog out for a walk and I sit out on my front porch at night and think about it,” Gefroh said.

Police say they’re not giving up and think justice will eventually be served.

“No one likes to see the pain and suffering that the poor family is going through,” said neighbor Tim Phillips.

While this was an isolated incident, according to police, it’s still recommended that any suspicious activity is reported either online or by calling Scottsdale police.

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