Undercover Boss Recap: What The Fondant?

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Undercover Boss Recap: What The Fondant?

February 13, 2015 10:57 PM by Stephanie Gustafson


The Rocket Fizz edition of Undercover Boss was by no means the only craving-inducing episode of the series. The producers have decided to accost the show’s Facebook fans with an episode about cupcakes, just in time for Valentine’s Day. If this version of Undercover Boss doesn’t make you want to leave home and visit a bakery, little will.

If you adore cupcakes, there’s a good chance you’ve visited one of the many currently operating Gigi’s Cupcakes locations. Standing at the helm of this impressive company is Gina “Gigi” Butler, a woman with a very intriguing career. Before she broke into the cupcake industry, Gigi was a struggling country singer, forced to clean houses during the day in order to make ends meet.

After multiple decades of cleaning houses, Gigi decided to take a leap of faith and launch her own business. She was inspired by her brother, who claimed that the cupcakes at a fancy New York City shop were nowhere as good as Gigi’s. Why not get in on the hot trend that was taking over the world of desserts? Gigi took on some hardcore credit card debt in order to make her dream of owning her own business come true and, based on the current success of Gigi’s Cupcakes, the gamble paid off.

Her cupcakes may be a hit, but Gigi’s family is in shambles. She seems to be more in need of a stint on one of Gordon Ramsay’s shows that one on Undercover Boss, for, while the actual cupcakes are delicious, the family bickering is reminiscent of Kitchen Nightmares.


Gigi’s concerns don’t end with her family. She’s also worried that her employees are screwing up her signature frosting swirl. One way to appease these fears? Find a horrifying outfit at Goodwill, slap on an even worse wig and sneak into a handful of Gigi’s Cupcakes locations.

To begin her undercover adventure, Gigi meets with a cupcake decorator named Jason. Her new mentor thinks that Gigi looks a lot like his grandma. It’s hard not to feel sad for anybody who looks like Gigi’s disguise in real life. After all, the CEO’s daughter did accuse her mom of looking like a monster.

Jason demonstrates the cupcake decorating process for Gigi…and she is horrified to see that he is not using her trademark swirl. This is bad news, folks, because a Gigi cupcake without a Gigi swirl is, apparently, inedible.

Gigi hates Jason’s cupcakes, but he thinks her attempts at decorating are even worse. The terror doesn’t end there, however, as he forces her to get behind the wheel and drive a ton of delicious cupcakes to a wedding. At one point, she brakes, causing a box to fall. Eventually, however, the dynamic duo make it to the wedding, where the bride and groom are relieved to learn that their nuptials have not been derailed by a lack of perfectly-swirled cupcakes.

The obligatory chat about Jason’s woes follows the stressful wedding delivery. Just once, it would be nice to see an Undercover Boss employee happy with his or her lot in life. Jason certainly isn’t, as he is still dealing with the aftermath of two DWIs. Gigi’s has taught him the importance of personal responsibility, although it clearly has not taught him the importance of a proper cupcake swirl. That will surely change, as Gigi is determined to offer better training for this wayward employee.


Next up is Cee, a head baker who thinks that Gigi looks like a crazy old hippy. Although Cee’s cleanliness would even satisfy the notoriously fastidious Gordon Ramsay, she also is reluctant to follow Gigi’s recipe by the book. Gigi is very, very upset, as Cee has just insulted her life’s work. She tries to get it together enough to lift a fifty-pound sack of powdered sugar, later learning that Cee is able to do so on a regular basis in spite of her MS diagnosis.

Disappointed by her experience at Cee’s location, Gigi meets Cheryl, a very blunt, but very talented cake decorator. Poor Cheryl is incredibly overworked and can clearly use some help from a fellow employee. According to Gigi, this is a situation worthy of her favorite exclamation: What the fondant! Not only is Cheryl struggling to keep up with local demand, she spends so much time working that she never sees her husband.

Gigi’s final meeting is with Jannette, who works in customer service. Jannette thinks Gigi is way too timid, a criticism that has been echoed several times during the episode. Gigi is impressed by Janette’s energy, a personality trait that impresses the CEO even more when she learns of the employee’s difficult past. Jannette tried to commit suicide on multiple occasions, but now she just wants to help others struggling with depression.


Although concerned by the performance of a few of her employees, Gigi also realizes that she needs to get her act together. She has some big changes to make, but also some big consolation prizes to hand out to the employees she’s met. Jannette scores $15,000 for college tuition and another $5,000 just because. Jason’s prize is even better — he gets $30,000, plus, when he’s ready to open his own Gigi’s location, his franchise fee will be covered.

The prizes just get better and better, as Cheryl is given a raise, a paid family vacation, $50,000 and the opportunity to train Gigi’s entire cake decorating team. Finally, Gigi promises to help cover the exorbitant medical bills for the the MS diagnosed Cee.

The episode ends on a touching note, with Gigi calling her estranged mom to say “I love you.” This scene is way sweeter than any of Gigi’s incredibly sweet cupcakes!

What did you think of the Valentine’s Day edition of Undercover Boss? Sound off in the comments section below!


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