The Bachelor Recap: Women Tell All

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The Bachelor Recap: Women Tell All

March 02, 2015 08:55 PM by Lisa Princ


Last week on The Bachelor, Chris Soules said goodbye to Kaitlyn Bristowe after the overnight dates, but before the season continues, Chris Soules needed to get grilled by the women of his season. Just how did the ladies react to seeing Chris (and each other) again?

Tonight was the always entertaining Women Tell All special on The Bachelor, and it was chock full of drama, accusations and plenty of tears!

Britt versus Carly
Admit it, you just knew this showdown was coming. Britt stole the show from the second she walked in, and almost immediately ended up in the hot seat, and in tears watching her time on the show play out. Britt gave a sob story of how she thought Carly was her friend, but Carly claimed that she never led Britt to believe they were pals. Carly bashed Britt for just about every thing, until Britt silenced her by asking to speak since Carly “narrated” her love story for the past few weeks.


Most of the women agreed that none of them were there to make friends, but there were a few women who joined Britt in calling Carly out for all of her trash talking. Such was the case with Jillian, who was clearly pissed that Carly accused her of being a man – we’ve got to admit we questioned it too (sorry Jillian). Britt insisted that if it wasn’t for Carly, she would still be on the show, but when Chris came out, he assured Britt that her leaving had nothing to do with what Carly said. Although Britt did attempt to patch things up with Carly, Carly was having no part of it, and showed zero emotion.

Kelsey versus everyone else
Blah, blah, blah. Kelsey was back to, once again, try to clear her name. Yeah, we’ve heard it all before, and none of the ladies were buying her crocodile tears. Ashley I. was the first call Kelsey out as being fake, even though Kelsey tried to apologize to Ashley. But Ashley wasn’t the only one, as Juelia referred to Kelsey as, “the most fake person” she had ever seen, and called Kelsey out for her “amazing story”. Juelia brought up a great point – she also lost her love, and she didn’t use it in the way Kelsey did on the show. Ugh, just give up already Kelsey.

Return of the wacko
Yep, Ashley S. made her way back to the show tonight, and you’ll never guess what she brought Chris Harrison as “hosting” gift? An onion! Shocker, we know. While Chris Harrison and Ashley both assured us that she was not a hired actress, she was acting just as crazy as she did on the show. Case in point – Chris Harrison gave her an invitation to join the Bachelor in Paradise, and Ashley replied with, “It’s so great being on television.” Um, was that a yes or a no?


Heartbreak station
Right off the bat from listening to both Jade and Kaitlyn, you could tell that these two women were heartbroken. Jade was hurt that she read Chris’ blog which insinuated that she had two sides that he didn’t know about. When she met with Chris again, it was emotional, but Soules told her that he didn’t word it properly and it had to do with her brother calling her a “wild mustang.” Way to try and cover things up, huh Chris? Oh yeah, and Chris was still insisting that Jade’s secret was not the reason she was sent home, however, he was not upfront and honest about how looking at her on the computer was awkward.

And while Jade may have gotten closure, another lady who was looking for closure – or at least a reason – was Kaitlyn. Before Chris came out, Kaitlyn dished about how heartbroken she was (and still is) over everything. And when Chris came out, Kaitlyn couldn’t even go near him, so she grilled him from afar. And she was not letting him off easy as she told him she didn’t want any “sugar coated” answers. Chris maintained that he really didn’t have an answer as to why he sent her home, but Kaitlyn was not letting him off the hook with that. She went on to dish about their “perfect” overnight night (hinting at sex, perhaps?) and then asked why he made her sit through a rose ceremony, instead of pulling her aside like he did with Becca. Chris admitted he was wrong, but Kaitlyn didn’t look any less hurt.

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