Police update family of Scottsdale murder victim on investigation


It has been more than two months since a Scottsdale woman, 31-year-old Allison Feldman, was found brutally murdered in her home.

Her family is in Scottsdale packing up her house and getting updates from investigators.

Harley Feldman and his wife are from Minnesota. He is working to clear everything out of his daughter’s house. For his wife, he says it is still too painful for her to go inside.

“Probably 15 times a day between my wife and I, we ask why,” said Feldman.

Every time Feldman and his wife would visit the Valley, his beaming daughter Allison would pick him up from the airport and they would stay at her Scottsdale home.

She lived in the home for 10 months. Feldman never envisioned the home shrouded in police tape, while investigators combed the bloody crime scene looking for clues.

“Right now we invent scenarios, we think about what might have happened and who might have done this,” said Feldman.

Allison Feldman worked sales for a medical supply company. Her boyfriend Alex was going to propose over the summer. He is the one who discovered her body inside the home on Wednesday, February 18.

“I wake up angry,” said Feldman. “Angry this happened to her and I can’t figure out why.”

Scottsdale investigators have the killer’s DNA, but it is not a match to anyone in the criminal database.

They believe the person responsible stole a Tiffany bracelet belonging to Allison and some other items from her. There were no signs of forced entry.

“We feel encouraged. There’s a lot (Scottsdale Police) are doing to move forward. We’d like the pace to pick up and so would they,” said Feldman.

Feldman spoke to Scottsdale investigators on Friday and he believes they are on the right track.

“They’re confident they’re going to find the perpetrator. It just takes a while,” Feldman said.

Catching whoever is responsible for his daughter’s murder Feldman believes would take away the uncertainty he and his wife have been dealing with every day since her death.

They return home to Minnesota on Wednesday.

Article source: http://www.kpho.com/story/28958862/police-update-family-of-scottsdale-murder-victim-on-investigation