Man accused of urinating in Scottsdale mail slot arrested

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – The man accused of urinating in a Scottsdale mail slot was arrested on Thursday morning.

Scottsdale police said 30-year-old David Azari was arrested at his residence on charges of criminal damage, disorderly conduct, urinating in public and dog at large.

Azari was seen on camera urinating though the mail slot of a business near Goldwater Boulevard and Indian School Road on June 3.

Officials said the urine got onto the rug and the mail inside the business.

The owner of the business, Steven Johnson, said he became suspicious pretty quickly when he saw his mail the next morning.

“The mail was dry but the paper was kind of crinkled, so I thought ‘wow that’s strange,'” said Johnson.

He said he felt a variety of emotions when he watched it unfold on surveillance video.

“Totally taken back,” Johnson said. “I went through a range of emotions. It’s insulting….it’s funny…it’s sad…it’s everything.”  

Johnson described the video as graphic and loud, saying the suspect “was pretty full.”

Azari was booked and released from Scottsdale Jail on the listed charges.

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