NeNe Leakes Breaks Down During The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion

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NeNe Leakes Breaks Down During The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion

May 11, 2015 09:37 AM by Stephanie Gustafson


NeNe Leakes can be a nasty, vindictive woman, but that doesn’t mean she’s all bad. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star dealt with a great deal of adversity prior to her rise to fame, and, although she usually acts strong, this is often just an effort to mask her many insecurities. This was evident during the RHOA reunion, when NeNe seemed more sympathetic than she has all season.

It is very easy to hate on NeNe Leakes, but sometimes, Bravo reminds us that the Real Housewives Of Atlanta queen bee is, in fact, human. Such was the case during the recent RHOA reunion, with a barrage of questions ultimately causing NeNe to break down and leave the stage.

After a weeping NeNe retreated, her husband tried his best to clear up a few misconceptions about the reality star. Gregg explained, “[NeNe’s] mom had five children when she was young… she sent her and her brother to be raised by her aunt. She’s always wondered why she was the one to be sent away.” In addition to being seemingly abandoned by her parents, NeNe also dealt with a very abusive relationship. She’s now happy to be with her very loving husband, but she continues to struggle with the painful memories of her past.

NeNe didn’t bother to watch last night’s reunion episode, but she is grateful for the positive response from her fans. She recently took to Twitter to explain, “I’m happy to know that I helped or inspired anyone that watched.”

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